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SK Magic JikSoo Hyper ( Rental )

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* ( NET RENT / MONTH RM120 )
*5 years Free warranty on all parts
*5 years Free Service every 2months with sanitation service
*5 years Free Filter
*Just pay monthly rental , no hidden cost
1. JIK.SOO in Cold, Hot and Room Temperature
-Safe and Hygienic Water
-JIK.SOO has no water tank and allows zero contamination.
-JIK.SOO offers you to have various temperature water instantly.

2. UV Safe-Care (Harmless UV-C Wave Sterilizes 99% of harmful microbes for Contamination-Free)
-Water Tab Sterilization
-Every 2-hour Automatic Sterilization
-Secure Till The Last Drop

3. 304 Stainless Steel Waterway
-Incomparable It is not any other waterway.
-We do use a 304 stainless steel pipe on every waterway
4. Convenient Use
-Three Temperatures Hot Water Not any other hot water system
-Water for Infant (45°C, 50°C, 55°C)
-Water for Tea (70°C)
-Water for Hot (85°C ~ 90°C)
-Smart Watering

5. Choose desired volume of water with one touch
-120ml, 250ml, 550ml, 1000ml

6. Children-Friendly Button
-Lower-part located button for easy access even for your child with safe
-Only watering cold and ambient water to prevent any accidents

7.Smart Moving Tab

8. Specification
-Color White
-Type of Product Countertop
-Type of Dispenser 1 Tab for Ambient, Hot and Cold water
-Tank Capacity (L) Hot - JIK.SOO No Tank | Cold - JIK.SOO No Tank
-Power Supply AC 220~240V / 50Hz
-Power Consumption Hot - 2,900W
-Dimension (mm) W170 X D490 X H390
-Cooling system Compressor heat exchange
-Net Weight(kg) 12.3

9. Filtering System
Nano-filtering System with SK Magic's innovative technology
SK magic's Nano-filtering system completely filters out viruses, micro-organism, heavy metals yet minerals to enhance the quality of water.
1st Filter Sediment 8" (4 Months)
Removes larger particles such as rust, dust and sand
2nd Filter Carbon Block 8" (4 Months)
Removes Residual Chlorine in water and various other harmful organic compounds
3rd Filter Nanotech PAC 8" (12 Months)
Removes harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, colon bacillus, norovirus and permeate useful minerals

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